When Is the Best Time to Kayak in the Ocean?

The ocean is a place of wonder and beauty. It’s the perfect destination for when you want to get away from it all and find yourself in nature. There are so many reasons to go kayaking in the ocean! You might catch a glimpse of dolphins, see beautiful sunsets, or experience near-perfect weather conditions. But when should people go for the best time? Let’s explore the best time to kayak in the ocean and what makes it so great!

When is the best time to kayak in the ocean?

The best time to kayak in the ocean usually depends on organizing your kayaking trip. The weather conditions and what will be happening on the water when it is warm can be awesome, but people may not be out there as much when it goes cold.

People need to think about the weather when deciding when to research a kayaking trip in that area. The water temperature varies depending on where you go, so some places might offer a better climate than others, with warm or cool temperatures at different times of the year; though typically it’s milder around spring/summer time in coastal regions versus winter months which are usually colder (though never reach freezing).

Be sure to also pick a destination location depending on what you want to do when kayaking in the ocean. There are plenty of trips for when you want to catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales, but some people like to go when they can see beautiful sunsets too!

Kayaking when it’s warmer will be a good idea if you want to go when whales are more active and visible since they depend on the heat of the water when it is warm to survive.

Sunsets can also look beautiful when looking out at the ocean from your kayak when the light hits it just right, but whales are also more active when it’s warmer out. Though when kayaking, you have to dress warmly even when the water is nice, so when it gets colder outdoors, it can be uncomfortable in your boat too.

What makes it so great when you go during different times of the year?

There are many great reasons to go when you want to – the weather, the water temperature, and the location all depend on when you’re going.

I’m from Hawaii, so when I went for my first kayaking adventure in Maine, it was pretty cold out (unfortunately). My only regret? Not having a hot cup of cocoa waiting for me when I got back!

A two-person raft is hard work, too, with paddles that could be 15′ long, but there’s nothing like floating over calm seas and letting waves crash into us. If this sounds like an adventure you’d enjoy, then December through March will suit just fine. Don’t forget to take warm clothes with you though! If your destination is somewhere warmer than Hawaii, you might want to reel in the chilly weather gear.

Tide is always a factor when planning for when to go kayaking. You don’t want to get stuck out on the sea when you can’t make it back! For example, if you’re going when the tide rises at 10:00 am, and your trip is over at noon when the tide is low, it’s better to leave when the tide is at 7:00 am. You’ll also need to know when the sun will set when planning when to kayak in the ocean.

That being said, you may not be able to take advantage of a sunrise or sunset if you want a longer outing. In this case, just make sure your destination will provide you with a lot of sunlight when you start to paddle back.

You’ll also want to know when the water temperature is cooler, so when you kayak during warmer times, it’s as comfortable and safe for you as possible. Check out NOAA’s National Ocean Service website if you need to know when the tide is low, when the sun rises and sets, and when it’s a good time to kayak in the ocean.

Obviously, this all depends on what your goal is when you go. For example, some people want to explore using a sea kayak while others are just looking for adventure! Some go when the weather is better than when the sea life is more active.

As for when I went kayaking in Maine, I was out on a raft with my sister, and we just wanted to use our feet as some propulsion when there was no wind! Oh well, it was a fun experience overall, and I’m sure when I go out again when it’s a little warmer, it will be even better!

Why you should consider going

The best time to go kayaking in the ocean is when you have a chance because many things about it are great. First, when you’re on the water, you’ll have an opportunity to see a wide variety of sea life or even dolphins and whales. When it’s just before or after sunset, the sky will always be shining bright blue and pink, making for one amazing display of colors!

Kayaking when out on the water is also when your mind may feel rejuvenated and your body when you take a break from all of life’s demands. Finally, some days when you head out on an ocean kayak trip with good weather conditions (which most people would say they want), then this really is when it’s the best time to go kayaking.

What are the benefits?

A benefit when the weather conditions are perfect for kayaking is an opportunity to watch different patterns of rolling waves. To get a better idea, surfers use the word “peeling” when referring to breakers when they curl over on themselves and head back to shore instead of breaking with an even curve.

When you watch these same breakers from below, parts of them appear flat and still while other parts surge forward in a tumble before bending over backward again. This activity of wave formation never takes more than 10 seconds per breaker, yet each time you’ll see something new.

The ocean’s surface changes every second, and it creates constant movement that brings fascination-paradise! And if we had wrinkles when we feel old, at least our face will show when we were happy when we kayaked when the sea was calm and smooth.

When you like to be on the water when others are not, when the sun is shining bright or even when it rains – then any day when there’s a great chance for your trip will bring about some beautiful memories from that point forward.

Your one chance to kayak when the sea is calm and when it’s hot out can create some amazing opportunities for spending time with family, friends, or even just alone without any interruptions.

Tips on how to prepare when you plan on going

The best tip when preparing when you plan on going ocean kayaking is to be sure you have all the required gear. This would include a life vest (or PFD), appropriate clothing for sun, wind, rain, and protection from cold water spray, sunscreen, and insect repellent. It also makes sense to bring sunglasses, waterproof matches, or a lighter with a safety whistle (and yes, this might seem like overkill at first, but when it comes storm season or when you happen to fall in the water without any of these items then it’s a real problem!).

Something else that adds greatly to enjoyment when you go kayaking in the ocean is snacks! Some recommended items would be peanut butter crackers, trail mix with dried fruits and nuts, plus some chocolate candy.

You may also like to bring a waterproof flashlight when it’s getting dark when you plan on going kayaking in the ocean at night. It doesn’t take as much light when able to see underwater, and there will be no problem with overspill when using this type of lighting while paddling.

About how long is a trip when kayaking in a calm sea?

If you decide to go ocean kayaking when the water is calm then it’s not unusual when taking anywhere from 3 hours up to 6 hours. Normally it’s better when selecting a shorter period when scheduling your trip because you won’t feel tired when paddling and can be more productive when having time when you reach your destination.


The best time when it comes to kayaking in the ocean is when there are great weather conditions. This includes when you can see dolphins or whales, have near-perfect weather, and a chance for some amazing memories. When preparing for your trip, be sure you pack appropriate gear and bring snacks!

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